Tips On Maintaining Your Motorcycle

If you own a motorcycle, and enjoy writing it throughout the summer, then you probably already know it is going to take a certain amount of maintenance each month, and it is going to be different than maintaining a car. Of course, there are some parts of a motorcycle that are very similar to a car, but most motorcycles have not been built to last for a decade of use like cars are.

Taking Care Of The Exterior Is Important

The seat of your motorcycle is not made of the same high quality materials as you probably are used to in an automobile. In addition to that, your motorcycle will be exposed to the elements anytime you have it parked outside. Both the sun and the rain can be detrimental to different parts of your bike.

Starting with the seat, get a vinyl protectant similar to Armoral and use it every single month to keep the vinyl on your motorcycle seat looking like new. Water is not so much of a problem as direct sunlight when it comes to vinyl. Since the material that the seat is made out of is usually of lower quality it will benefit greatly from being protected on a regular basis.

Motorcycle tires are another good example of typical poor quality manufacturing. The original tires that come with most motorcycles are usually the least expensive tires that the manufacturer could buy in China. These tires will also benefit greatly from a protectorant used at least once a month to protect the rubber, they’ll also look far better at the same time.


Motorcycle Batteries Have A Short Lifetime

Motorcycle batteries are typically not made to last more than three years at the most, however, putting them away in the garage over a long winter will definitely shorten their lifetime considerably. You should understand that you shouldn’t use in automotive battery charger to charge the battery in your motorcycle because the amperage is too high.

You should buy a special motorcycle battery trickle charger, remove the battery from the motorcycle and keep it charged over the winter so it will be fully charged and just like new in the spring on the first any day that you want to ride. Leaving any lead acid battery disconnected from a charger for an entire winter is the quickest way to ruin it.

Motorcycles Require More Frequent Oil Changes

Many car manufacturers now recommend changing your oil about every 10,000 miles unless you are using your car in an extra punishing matter. Motorcycles on the other hand, should probably have their oil changed much more frequently, approximately every one thousand miles or so. Since they typically only take 1 or 2 quarts, it’s not an expensive or difficult job to do and it will considerably lengthen the lifetime of your motor.

Motorcycle Fuel And Air Filters Are Important To Watch

Depending on where you ride your motorcycle, it’s possible to get more dust and dirt into the air filter and fuel filter than you would an automobile. If you have a dirt bike that you ride off-road you can count on replacing and cleaning the filters much more often that a road bike.

Fuel filters are usually very inexpensive so you should always buy a couple in order to have a spare. Many motorcycle air filters are cleanable and you should count on inspecting cleaning it fairly often, especially if you take your bike off-road.

Motorcycles are very easy to work on and nearly everything that you need to do is easy to access with some simple tools that most people already own. If you have an owners manual it’s a good idea to follow all of the motorcycle maintenance advice given there in order to keep your motorcycle in top running condition.

Summary Of Common Motorcycle Stunts

fire motorcycle stunt

If you have ridden on a motorcycle before, you have likely thought about doing stunts that you have probably seen on television and also YouTube. Some of the stunts that are done are quite dangerous, many of which end up in cataclysmic endings where the rider is barely able to recover or wipes out completely. There are several motorcycle stunts that you might want to try on your own if you have the time to practice, some that are very common and safe. Here is an overview of how stunts are performed, and which ones you should start out with if you would like to practice on your own to become better at motorcycle stunts on your bike.

What Are Motorcycle Stunts?

Motorcycle stunt riding has become a very popular sport, even though it has been around for decades. Motorcycle stunting is done by people of all ages, and with a little practice, you might be able to do some of the more popular ones. You are simply doing acrobatic maneuvers with your motorcycle that sometimes seem to defy gravity. Stunt riding may include burnouts, stoppies, and the popular wheelies that thousands of people are able to do every day. The most popular motorcycles that are used are called sport bikes, primarily because they are lighter, and can accelerate at fast speeds. Here is a little bit about the history of stunt riding to give you an idea of how it has progressed over the years.

The History Of Stunt Riding

This all began with the traditional wheelie that so many motorcycle enthusiasts are able to do. You have probably done this on your bicycle, where you pop the front tire up and you ride like it is a unicycle. It is important to have a motorcycle that can accelerate quickly so that you can get the lift that you need. Unlike a bicycle, motorcycles are extremely heavy and rely upon the dexterity of the rider, and the power of the motorcycle, in order to make the stunts possible. It was during the 1980s that bikes became much lighter, using aluminum and other materials in their construction. Additionally, modern technology has made motorcycles much more equipped to handle what can be very dangerous maneuvers, something that really comes down to power to weight ratios. There is also different equipment that can be used such as a scrape bar, crash cage, frame sliders, sub cages, and a front upper stay that can make it much more safe for stunters to be successful. When you start out, there are a few maneuvers that you will want to try it first so that you can move on toward more difficult maneuvers that can be quite dangerous.

Common Motorcycle Stunts Practiced Every Day

The first stunt that most motorcycle riders tend to learn are a basic wheelie, one where the front end of the motorcycle lifts off the ground by virtue of the power of the bike, or by what is called clutching. This can be done in a circle, straight down the road, or you can get really dangerous by doing a 12 o’clock wheelie, a variation of what is called a coaster. There are also bar tricks such as ape hangers and cliffhangers, and also a stoppie where the backend of the bike comes up. There are also acrobatic maneuvers such as hyperspin, switchbacks, and the Christ where the rider will actually stand up on the seat, with arms outstretched, somewhat representative of Jesus on the cross.

Once you have practiced many of these maneuvers, you will become more proficient. You simply need to be as safe as possible. You will want to start at lower speeds and gradually move up to higher ones as you become more balanced with each maneuver. This basic overview of common motorcycle stunts should at least motivate you to give one a try. Even if you have never done one before, you will quickly learn what to do for your next motorcycle ride.

The Best American Motorcycles

harley  davidson

Are you wondering what the best American motorcycles are? If so, then read on because we will discuss what the best ones are, what to look for when purchasing one and where to buy American motorcycles. Afterwards, you can decide whether or not you want to buy an American motorcycle.

1. The Best American Motorcycles- Perhaps the best American motorcycle is Harley Davidson, which are known for their high quality bikes. Usually when people are asked who they think makes the best motorcycles, they say it’s Harley Davidson. Another good American motorcycle is the Victory 8-Ball, but any bike made by Victory is usually a good one to buy. The 8-Ball bike is very popular and many people consider it to be just as good as any Harley Davidson bike.

Another good American motorcycle is the Mission R, which can go more than 150 miles-per-hour. This particular motorcycle not only goes super fast, but it looks great. Let’s not forget to mention that the BrammoEmpulse R is another American motorcycle that is worth looking at. Zero FX is another company that produces good electric motorcycles, so if you’re looking for something different, then consider getting a bike from this company.

Those are only a few of the best American motorcycles. There are many American bikes out there. However, some of the best makers of bikes were discussed above.

2. What To Look For In An American Motorcycle- When it comes to buying an American bike, there are a few things you want to look for, such as durability. You don’t want to purchase a bike that is not durable. The last thing you want is for your bike to fall apart shortly after buying it.

The size of the bike matters too and so does the weight. You want a bike that isn’t too small or too big for you, and you want one that you can easily maneuver. You can get an idea of how well a bike performs and feels by actually taking it out for a test drive.

Those are the main things to look for. The key is to compare various motorcycles. You should also read reviews about different motorcycles before buying one.

3. Where To Buy One- As for where you can buy an American motorcycle, there are many places. There are dealers that sell all types of motorcycles and there are online sites that sell bikes, and some of these sites include eBay and classified websites. However, the best thing to do is top find a motorcycle dealer in your area. Just make sure you browse a few dealers and compare their motorcycles and test drive a few bikes because you want to make sure the bike you choose suits you and one that you can comfortably handle.

Buying an American motorcycle is something you should consider. Just remember to shop around and compare various motorcycles before you make a final decision. Buying a motorcycle is an investment, so you want to make sure you buy the right bike for you.

Impressive Motorcycle Equipment Store

motorcycle shop

Sit down and start to think about what you are going to need when it comes to your motorcycle. Some people are not alert when it comes to this, and that is why they end up having to pay more.

The best motorcycle store is going to change your life forever, and you have to pinpoint this as soon as you can. It will make things worth it for you as time goes on.

Let’s see what this store is going to give to you.

Great Collection

The collection, in general, is going to be impressive and is going to blow you away. You will want to keep going through all of the options as you start to look because of their appeal.

You will be able to collect as many of the items as you want and then buy them at a great rate. Who doesn’t want that?

Accessories From The Best Brands

What brands are you looking for when you are searching in the market? You want to go with the best brands because that is vital. You don’t want to go with people who are not going to give you the best brands, but this store will supply you with the right options.

Service Is Good

Do you want people who know what they are talking about to speak with you? Do you want people who are going to guide you towards the best accessories? You have to think about the collection as something that you might not know everything about.

However, those who are doing the selling should be aware of the nuances and should be able to guide you towards something that is going to be useful.

This is what you are going to want the most, and that is what matters.

This is the right motorcycle equipment store and is going to change the way you look at what is going on. You don’t want to go with average stuff that is just going to let you get by for a while. What is the point of going with equipment like that?

You want to go with motorcycle equipment that is going to make you feel fresh as you are riding along while keeping you as safe as you want to be too.

This is the charm of going to professionals who know what they are selling and can help you out right away.

Finding The Best Touring Motorcycle

harley davidson
Do you dream of touring the country on the back of a motorcycle? If so, investing in the right touring motorcycle is essential. Not only does your bike need to be comfortable but it also needs to be capable of handling long distances. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider to find the best touring motorcycle for your needs:

1. What type of roads do you plan to travel on? If you plan to stick to major highways, you will need a far different bike than if you plan on having some off-road adventures. Your bike should be designed to handle whatever terrain you intend to ride on the most. For instance, if you are going to be driving mostly on major interstates, you can get by with a luxury touring bike or cruiser. If, on the other hand, you are going to be driving on particularly twisty or unpaved roads, you should opt for a sports bike instead.

2. How much money do you have to spend? Your budget will largely dictate what type of bike you can purchase. Don’t forget to factor in any modifications that you may need to make to the bike after you purchase it. For instance, if you are planning on taking a cross-country trip, you may also need to invest in bags for the bike where you can carry your gear. Adding in these extra expenses upfront can help you stay on budget when you buy your bike.

3. Will you be traveling alone or with a partner? If someone will be riding on your bike with you, you need to look for a bike that has more power than if you will be riding alone. Don’t forget to factor in the weight of your passenger’s gear as well as their body weight when determining how much carrying capacity you need. After all, traveling with two people means you will be carrying twice as much gear.

4. Which bike is the most comfortable? For short rides, comfort is somewhat of a luxury. However, if you are planning on taking long trips, it is an absolute necessity. Riding for 10 or 12 hours at a time on a bike that isn’t properly fitted to your body can leave your muscles sore and uncomfortable. Before investing in a touring bike, you should spend some time sitting on it and verifying that it properly fits your body. If necessary, look for a motorcycle that has an adjustable seat height so that you can position the seat correctly for your height and leg length.

When it comes to finding the best touring motorcycle, there is no one-size-fits-all bike. Instead, you need to think about how you plan to use the motorcycle. This will help you determine which bike is the best match for your unique needs. If you are having trouble finding the right bike, you may want to join some forums or online communities dedicated to touring on motorcycles. Other members should be able to give you advice and recommendations on which bikes are well suited for the type of riding that you plan to do.

How to Find a Number of Different Cool Motorcycles

Custom black motorcycle

Finding cool motorcycles is a lot easier than what you might think. Thanks to the advice that a friend gave me, I was able to find quite a number of cool motorcycles.

There are many different ways that you can find such motorcycles, and some methods are better than others.

This article will help aspiring motorcyclists out in finding the motorcycle of that they’ve always wished for.


Search the Internet


A friend of mine told me that he exclusively looks for motorcycles on the Internet. According to him, the Internet is definitely the best place to look for when trying to find great designs for motorcycles. There are lots of amazing images on the Internet that showcase many of the coolest motorcycles that are currently out right now.


A simple search on the Internet with the right keywords will yield results of a number of very cool motorcycles. From there, a person will be able to find out about the many specific brands of motorcycles. He can then look at the top brands that offer cool motorcycles and perhaps inquire about each of them.


Know the Costs Involved and the Shipping Procedure


This is the tactic that I utilised so that I could purchase my own motorcycle. Indeed, I was looking at many cool photos of motorcycles on the Internet, until one particular model caught my eye. From there, I went ahead and inquired about the costs and shipping. Thankfully, the cost and shipping all fit my budget, so I purchased the motorcycle immediately.


Currently, the motorcycle that I am riding is this exact motorcycle that I’ve always wanted. It’s amazing to think that just by simply looking at motorcycles on the Internet, it led me to getting a great motorcycle that I could call my own.


I think that the Internet could be very helpful to anyone who wants to have a cool motorcycle. The truth is, there are so many truly wonderful motorcycles that are available right now. It’s just a matter of finding something that fits your requirements and budget as well.

The Best Motorcycling Tips

Man seat on the motorcycle

If you want to ride your own motorcycle, there are things about it that you need learn. You will have to do your homework and learn about what it is like to ride, take care of and own a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle takes a lot of preparation, as it is not safe to hit the road without the right skills and knowledge.

You need to learn how to ride and the rules of the road, which could be different when you’re driving a car. You will also need to secure a special licence and make sure you do everything according to the law.

Guarantee Your Safety

You should also know all about safety. You need the right safety equipment and gear to be able to protect yourself when on the road. You don’t want to suffer from serious injuries because you didn’t see the need to have motorcycle safety gear.

First, you should check if your bike has all the parts it needs to be able to function well. If it’s missing something, it could put you in danger. Next, you should make sure that you have a trusty helmet, which could protect your head in case of an accident.

Caring for your bike is also important. Be sure that it is well-maintained and that you have a place where you can store it.

Plan on How You Want to Use Your Motorcycle

Once you have mastered all of those, then you’re now ready to ride your motorcycle. It might be a good idea to find others who have motorcycles to hang out with you. You can search for great places to go or breathtaking roads to take for motorcyclists.

Some people ride for fun and others use it to get around town. The great thing is that you can do both depending on where you live and what you need your bike for. Take some time to figure out when you want to ride and how you want to use your bike.

Find the Motorcycle for You

If you have just started searching for a good motorcycle, make sure to check every shop possible; you want to find the right bike for you and your needs. There are a lot to choose from and they come in different price ranges. Stick to your budget and you won’t have to worry about spending too much money on it.

You can also spend time going to markets or fairs where other bikers meet so that you can talk to them about different bikes and riding. It is a great way to get to know others and to learn more about what it will be like to conquer the road with your motorbicycle.

Some of the best motorcycling tips will come from people who have been riding for a long time. Take advantage of the advice that they give you. It will go a long way in helping you have a good time when you are riding.

Café racer

More or less, a bistro racer is a cruiser that has been altered to race from a bistro to some other foreordained spot. The most renowned bistro (proclaimed caff) was the Ace Café in London.

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Legend has it that bike riders would race from the bistro, subsequent to selecting a certain record on the duke box, and return before the record wrapped up. This accomplishment regularly required accomplishing ‘the ton’ or 100 mph.


Classic-Scene-1For the most part, it’s acknowledged that the Cafe Racer development began in the UK in the sixties with the “Ton-Up Boys” and British counterculture bikers. They adjusted their British and Italian bicycles to make them speedier and sleeker, with “clubman” bars, single seat transformations and deceived out engines that strived to move the bistro (or caff) racers to the enchantment ton. (The enchantment being one hundred miles 60 minutes!).



After World War II numerous in Europe and the UK searched out modest transport as their harmed economies recouped from that contention. Bikes were the best wager for some and littler bicycles were simple on the wallet. As these riders became more established, and their budgetary fortunes climbed, the thought of owning a bicycle turned out to be more a decision than a need and the magnificence days of the British cruiser industry were going full speed ahead.


In England amid the 60s, moderate cruisers that could accomplish the ton, were few and far between. For the normal specialist and bike proprietor, the main choice of getting the craved execution was to tune the bicycle with different hustling choices. Promptly accessible tuning parts made the errand simpler. Riders would include more parts as their financial plans permitted. As riders included more parts, a standard look started to emerge – the bistro racer look.


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For some riders, having the bistro racer look was sufficient. Be that as it may, when the business sector for tuning parts truly started to take off in the mid-’60s, the rundown of accessible and attractive parts developed. Other than motor tuning parts, various organizations started to deliver substitution seats and tanks.

These substitutions looked like the flow inclines in cruiser hustling: seats with mounds, and fiberglass tanks with spaces to clear clasp ons and the rider’s knees. More lavish aluminum adaptations were additionally accessible.


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To include even more a dashing look, bistro racer proprietors started to fit a little handlebar mounted fairing (as seen on the Manx Norton racers). Full fairings were disregarded as these would conceal the wonderfully cleaned aluminum motor cases and cleared back chrome channels.


Albeit numerous riders fitted distinctive back stuns to enhance the treatment of their machines, the vital turning point of bistro racer improvement came when a Triumph Bonneville motor was fitted to a Norton featherbed undercarriage. Lovingly called the Tri-ton, this half and a half set new guidelines. By consolidating the best of the British motors and the best case, an urban legend was made.


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